Church Discipline May31

Church Discipline

What is the Christian’s responsibility when a fellow believer is caught in sin?  What role does the church have in addressing sin within the body?  Listen in as the guys discuss the sensitive yet important issue of church discipline....

Forgiveness May24


Is it possible for a person be so bad that they are beyond forgiveness? Join the guys at lunch as they discuss the important issue forgiveness and why it is so central to the Christian faith.

Love May17


What is Love? Is it good advice to ‘love yourself first’? The guys discuss this over lunch and even dish out some unexpected advice for a healthy marriage. Play in new window |...

Baptism May10


Should infants be baptized or should baptism be reserved only for those old enough to express a personal faith? Listen in as the guys engage in some friendly debate, Gary for the Presbyterian view and Nate and Duane for the baptist view....

Evangelism May03


Christians are called to share their faith but many struggle in this area. Listen in and be encouraged as the guys share and discuss lessons they have learned through their own personal evangelism....